The Day I Met My Husband

The Night We Met

The Night We Met

15 years ago today, July 3, 1998 I met a guy in a bar in Kirksville. Little did I know then that I would end up spending the rest of my life with him.

Actually, it was two days later that I realized that.

This is a picture of us the night we met. (Who is lucky enough to have a picture the night you meet your spouse?) Sorry about the quality…keep in mind it was before digital cameras.

At the time, I was a showgirl in Las Vegas (kidding!) Little did I know when I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to come back home for a vacation just how momentous that decision was.

After I got back here, I called my friend Denise, and we decided to go out and hit the town. If memory serves me correctly, we never got beyond our second stop.

It rained 3 inches that night.

I belched in front of him.

He peeked down my shirt.

We got my car stuck.

The tow truck driver who came to pull me out in the pouring rain said, “I don’t know where you found that guy, but if he won’t even get out and help you, I’d get rid of him!”

So I married him instead. 😀

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